Beauty Dish

Finally, an update!

I’m sure you people thought this was a dead blog.

UntitledMy recent creation: Beauty Dish (inside for details and build pictures)

Found a 19 inch salad bowl at Kitchen Stuff Plus.

Cut a square hole the size of my SB600 in the centre. DSC_0313The support frame was made using a shelf elbow (the kind you use to support shelves) via Home Depot

Here’s the detail of the mount:

DSC_0324A 3 inch bold with a 3 inch screw (also at Home Depot) is perfect for mounting on light stands. The black thing is actually the plastic mount that comes with the SB600. I never use mine, so I converted it by cutting off a portion of the front. Now my SB600 simply slides on when I need it to.

DSC_0314Then came the mirror on the inside:

DSC_0316The two white circles you see are actually the things used to cover lampshade mounts to the cieling (to obscure the hole and all the wiring).  Sold for 2 bucks at Home Depot.

The 6 inch dual bolts were put in place to allow for adjustability of the mirror (seen below). This is because when doing research, I’ve stumbled on many versions of the beauty dish (Specifically the terracotta version with the CD case) that couldn’t perform well because of the fact that the mirror on the inside was in a wrong relation to the dish, producing all sorts of artifacts on the subject’s fact.

DSC_0321DSC_0328The mirror that you see is the 3.25 inch mirror intended for cars, bought at your local friendly Canadian Tire.  I utilized the hole that came in the centre of the white cover to put a bolt through the backside of the mirror in order to secure it.  I hope you get what I’m stabbing at.

DSC_0329Paint job! White Matte on the inside and black semi-gloss on the outside.

DSC_0330You need to really calibrate the thing to get a smooth fall-off all around.  This was one of my first test shots. But at least the centre is smooth and spot-free.



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