New Baby


I have recently acquired a new baby to play with.  The legendary Nikon 105mm f2.5 lens is mine and I will post some new stuff taken by her.

Stay tuned! And I promise I won’t let this blog go dead for a month before I update it again.

P.S. I’m still open to new models!


Dear Andy Part Deux

DSC_0290This time it’s hard lighting and film noir!

It was quite a challenge working against the sun in mid-day.  I was continually adjusting the sb600s left and right.

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Dear Andy


My good friend Andy was kind enough to offer his services as a model. Here are the results:

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Kodak Ektagraphic HC

7-23-2009_046Got a roll at $1 from a discount bin at a recent photography sale. Tried it out with HC-110 at 1:200 dilution, 20C, for 25 minutes I think.

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Street Photography


Ever since I got my Minolta 7s, I’ve been carrying it around with me to work downtown.  It’s almost therapeutic to snap a roll off here and there at the end of the day.

Film: Ilford HP5 400

Processed at home with HC110 Continue reading

Mamiya C220 Pictures


Finally, some shots!

Velvia Transperancy.  More inside. (excuse the quality, scans ruined some of the beauty) Continue reading

Beauty Dish

Finally, an update!

I’m sure you people thought this was a dead blog.

UntitledMy recent creation: Beauty Dish (inside for details and build pictures)

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